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Featured Publications –

NMHS 2024 Calendar
PleinAir Magazine, November 2023
PleinAir Magazine, September 2023, The Year's Top Artists Revealed
ASMA Catalog, September 2023
Vero Beach Magazine, September 2023, Featured Article "Traveling Light". To view the article, click here.
2023 Maritime Art Gallery
Plein Air September 2022
American Art Collector July 2022
Plein Air Magazine July 2022
Sea History Spring 2022
Plein Air Easton July 2021
American Art Collector, July 2021
ASMA Journal Spring 2021
Martha's Vineyard Times June 2021
Sea History Spring 2021
Sea History Autumn 2020
Salmagundi Figurative Show 2021
OPA 2020
OPA 2020
Fine Art Connoisseur Dec 2017
Vero Beach Magazine Nov 2020
Vero Beach Jan 2016
Sea History Autumn 2020
Salmagundi Award Nov 2020
Martha's Vineyard Times Oct 2020
Oil Painters of America - Virtual International Wet Paint Competition, Plein Air Division - Second Place Award 2020
Recent JM Stringer Gallery Shows
Recent Shows
Vero Beach Magazine, January 2020
Fine Art Today, May 2020
American Art Collector June 2020
American Art Review Feb 2020
Sea History Spring 2020
American Art July 2020
Featured in Fine Art Connoisseur 2019
Soundings Magazine, October 2019
Seal History Magazine 2019
Sea History Spring 2018
American Art Collector June 2017
Sea History 2017
ASMA: Included in the Library of Congress
Fine Art Connoiseur, July 2016
American Art Collector May 2017
American Art Collector Oct 2016
Vero Beach Magazine Aug 2015
American Art Collector Jan 2009
American Art Collector Jan 2009
Fine ArtConnoisseur Oct 2007
American Art Collector
Featured in American Art Collector Magazine
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